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Architecture is a complex profession. A large number of professions and trades are involved in each project, and these must interact with each other precisely. The possibility of having worked on more than a thousand projects of all kinds furnishes us with a broad and transversal knowledge of the profession..

This accumulated experience has given us the opportunity to enjoy and learn with the work of great professionals who, together with the organisation of the office, in which the specialisation of the members in specific fields has been sought, have allowed us to devise, draft and build our projects with maximum quality..

Within this quest for quality and growth, we are aware of the need to incorporate these standards not only in project processes but moreover into the operation of the office. The incorporation and use of parametric design programmes in building designs, which incorporate all the necessary tools for their construction (BIM), and standardised quality processes, form the basis of our aims to guarantee customer satisfaction.



At eneseis, we are mindful of the impact that our sector generates on the environment, which is why we wish to contribute to the most sustainable development possible of the construction process in particular and regarding society in general.

Since our inception, we have displayed our commitment to the environment, integrating our buildings in the environment, taking advantage of the benefits of our climate and seeking minimum energy consumption.

Currently, our efforts are focused on making buildings as sustainable as possible, which results in greater profitability for the user, the reduction of their environmental impact on the environment and augmented comfort and wellbeing for those who inhabit them. Since 2019, we are and duly apply its methodology in our projects. y estamos aplicando su metodología en nuestros proyectos.



Conscientes de la importancia de garantizar la calidad en nuestros servicios y de una manera sostenible con el medio ambiente tenemos implantado un Sistema de Gestión Integrado según las Normas UNE-EN ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001



En eneseis, estamos comprometidos con el medio ambiente, tal y como se muestra en nuestra Política de Calidad y Medio Ambiente.

Conscientes de la importancia de realizar una gestión ambiental adecuada y que preserve el entorno, hemos desarrollado una cultura empresarial de respecto y sensibilización por el medio ambiente, previniendo la contaminación ambiental, prueba de ello es que durante el año 2021 hemos conseguido disminuir el consumo de energía un 30% con respecto al año anterior.

Además, hemos favorecido la reducción de residuos no valorizables mediante una correcta segregación de residuos y reciclado, trasladando estos aspectos a todo el equipo, clientes, suministradores y a la sociedad en general.