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Canyaret Residential Complex

Block of 48 residential properties in San Juan

The uniqueness of the “Canyaret” Residential Housing Compoundlies in its land classification, which although the block is located in an area of extension in the city, the land classification is that of the historic centre.

Desde nuestro estudio we aimed to transform a dense typology typical of the old town into a new type of property that could incorporate gardened areas and free spaces inside the same. Each one of these properties had to have a differentiating value.

The bid places the onus on the construction of a stand-alone block with a sizeable courtyard with shared areas and four smaller courtyards for private usage. In this way, all the properties would enjoy views over the street and onto an interior garden, overseen by the users themselves.

The image of the development responds to the traditional typology of the historic centre, with vertical hollows that are interspersed with others of a larger size that weave through the network of courtyards, which characterises the proposal.




San Juan de Alicante


Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, David Moreno, Javier Yáñez (arquitectos), Aitor Arenaza (arquitecto técnico)


8.448 m²


Canyaret Housing Compound

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