Weiss Architecture Studio

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Cultural Center in Beniardà

Multipurpose Civic building

The Multidisciplinary Centre inBeniardàhas as its aim the reactivation of the public space and cultural life in Beniardà has as its aim the reactivation of the public space and cultural life in the municipality through a sustainable action, both on an economic, as well as an environmental level.

From the architecture studio has focused on showcasing the existing installations, transforming them through a series of minor actions. Reactivation of the marginal spaces, refurbishing the existing installations and expanding the service have been the guidelines for this project.

The vocation of this public space is enhanced via the transformation of the annexed park. A gentle ramp that provides support to the park, rises above the village, and from this point we can enjoy views, points of territorial mingling with the surroundings.

This ramp allows for access to the new cultural centre, a town house with the necessary modifications to unveil itself as a recognisable and iconic public building, while preserving the integration capacity of the urban space.




Beniardà, Alicante


Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán


490 m²


Diputación de Alicante (pasarela de acceso), Ayuntamiento de Beniardà (ampliación Centro de Cultura)