Weiss Architecture Studio

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La Vall Houses

Modern Houses in Guadalest

The commission offered by the developer consisted in carrying out three alike properties in the municipality of tres viviendas iguales en el municipio de Guadalest, a village whose castle has been granted the protection of being a Site of Cultural Interest.

The bid aims to ensure the houses have the least possible impact on the urban environment. They are placed above the terraced plot, being practically buried into the ground, with only the roofing exceeding the natural street level.

The construction of the same was performed using traditional systems, Arabian style slates on the roofing, masonry walls and rough cast plastering, with the aim being to integrate the properties into the image portrayed by the town.

Once the properties are accessed, via an open courtyard, the owner is immersed in a valley landscape thanks to the alcoves and apertures created by the masonry walls. On this half-buried floor, the living spaces are arranged, living room, dining room and kitchen. On the ground floor, the private areas have been installed.

This distinction between public and private space is shifted literally to the embodiment of the property. The semi-basement floor finished in stone has a likeness to the garden, which is made from the same materials. The first floor, the gentlest, stands out from the rest with its crisp white finishing, two different materials that endow these modern houses with this unique feature.




Castell de Guadalest, Alicante


Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, Javier Yáñez


244 m²