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MASOS tourist complex

Hotel and restaurant, Guadalest

MASOS is a unique hotel project in the province of Alicante that promotes the recovery of the history, tradition, architecture, agriculture and gastronomy of the Guadalest Valley. The project aims to recover the activity of farmhouses and agricultural estates. Its complete integration into the environment and the great importance that will be given to maintaining the landscape and enhancing the views, will lead to the revaluation of the natural heritage, generating a pole of attraction for tourism that demands more specialized accommodation and gastronomy, with a high degree of differentiation

The hotel project focuses on the rehabilitation and commissioning of three farmhouses in the Guadalest valley. An ambitious project that coordinates the sustainable development of the three actions that share infrastructures and provide added value between them.

From the architecture studio we are already developing the “Mas de la Mona” project that focuses on three actions: rehabilitation of the farmhouse, scattered accommodation areas and restaurant.

The restoration of the Farmhouse focuses on highlighting the elements with historical interest and eliminating the improper ones. With the choice of materials we try to be the most environmentally friendly, we choose natural and reused materials to be mounted dry, and can be reused later.


The location of the dispersed rural accommodation was a challenge for us, we analyzed all the areas without visual impact, we chose those with the best orientation and placed the accommodation units where the terraces had to be rebuilt. In the design of the rooms the needs of the project are integrated with the bioclimatic architecture.

The construction of the modules is carried out in a workshop with natural materials, mounted dry, controlling their insulation and permeability. The units will be deposited in the natural terrain, the holes enabled in the reconstruction of the terraces

The restaurant will be conditioned by its special situation, a viewpoint over the rocks that frame the Castell de Guadalest, but very close to the farmhouse under renovation.

We designed a building that would not compete with the farmhouse, that would go unnoticed and that would be integrated into the natural environment. The restaurant adapts to the existing contour lines, covering itself with a vegetal roof so as not to alter its surroundings, in this way, the construction seeks to generate the smallest possible ecological footprint, studying the process of the same.




Guadalest, Alicante


Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán


2.125 m²