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ITAE Office building

Office building in Alicante

The ITAE office block building entails a hybrid construction between office space and an industrial warehouse, created through a morphing of the standard typology used in industrial warehouses.

The basic premise of the warehouse was devised from a purely economical and functional grounding, and upon this, the minimum actions necessary to equip the building for the usage and representativeness demanded of us by the clients were added.

The opening onto a sizable atrium highlights the entrances and displays the vivid interior that flows inwards to receive the visitors. The yellow interior is comprised of a floating piece that encompasses the functions of reception and client welcome area. The rest of the building is off bounds to visitors. On the roof, an interior leisure garden has been added for workers’ enjoyment, this being attached to the refectory and leisure spaces.

The northern façade is replaced by an overlay veil that sifts sunlight while preserving the confidentiality of the workplace. This façade opens onto the working, office and dining spaces with the aim of seeking out the best illumination.

The materials used also have their grounding in the economic and functional logic of the standard typology used in industrial warehouses: colour, depth, transparency, rhythm… The result is a building which, while using the same language as the environment that surrounds it, stands out as an individual piece.









910 m²


ITAE. Industria Tecnológica de Aplicaciones Eléctricas