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Abad Nájera Residential Complex

Offices and residential building

The residential and office building oficinas Abad Nájera 6, is located in the old town of Alicante, in a, completely irregular plot of land.

An “interior facade” organizes the building from the urban scale to the house unity. This “facade” doesn’t delimit the propriety but the more public spaces of those that require more privacy. It’s disposed by this as a background of the less private activities.

The plot of land is organized by this “facade” defining an open and own regular space in the irregular and dense trail of the “neighbourhood”. The Street with a lot less amplitude is converted into the backside of the building.

The building is compact in the perimeter but it opens its own patio, that we control depending on our necessities: crossed forged to give more privacy to the facing spaces, changes in use so that schedules don´t coincide, visual controls to obtain privacy but at the same time sight profundity, optimum illumination…








742 m²

Units number: