Weiss Architecture Studio

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Rico Pérez Stadium

Redesign of the Rico Pérez Stadium in Alicante

The stadium is formed by a cylindrical geometric object that seeks out the maximum utilisation of the plot in such a way that the resulting volumetricshave a contained height and at the same time endow the entire piece with a unitary image.

The stadium s covered but this is achieved is a subtle manner, taking advantage of our climate, where the main issue is sunlight rather than a shortfall of rain. The roofing elements then combine to form a light and semi-clear element that reflects the Mediterranean personality, as seen in the traditional street markets, creating a major shaded platform that overlooks the rest of the city and stretches out towards the Tossal park.

Instead of seeking out the optimum orography for the location of the stadium, we created this orography for the existing stadium, placing the remainder of the pieces forming the programme and thus linking with this piece the connections with the surrounding parks and urban spaces






Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, Vicente Pérez, Fernando Valderrama, Andres Silanes, Carlos Bañón


79.317 m²


Hércules Club de Fútbol S.AD.