Weiss Architecture Studio

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eneseis Office

Office in the old town

The eneseis' offices are located in the old town of Alicante,in a hybrid building that mixes housing and offices in an orderly manner.

We tried to adapt our way of working to that irregular geometry.

We generate a central space where the most public activities of the office would take place, to share information, comment projects, search for books. On the other hand, the workplaces adapt to the irregularities of the site, they seek to be hidden, to go unnoticed.

This versatility of eneseis' offices is ​​what allows us to maintain this representative central space and at the same time be working in isolation.

The offices are accessed directly through a stone ramp that is excavated in the ground separating the public space from the workstations. For the materials selection we try to reinforce these basic project concepts. While wood is the protagonist in the access area, the floor is transformed into a bookcase and tables, the work areas try to go unnoticed, it will be the user who personalizes them, since they have no visual impact.






Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán


104 m²