Weiss Architecture Studio

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Renovation of a rental house

Interior design of a house for rental

To be able to accomplish the client’s requirements, the property would be used for rental, meaning that the refurbishment had to be swift and economic, with an attractive and long-lasting result that needed minimum upkeep.

From the outset, the property was somewhat dark and unwelcoming, with finishings of low quality, long passageways and overly compartmentalised.

From the architecture studio aim was to try to equip the property with clarity and tidiness, unifying spaces and opening them to incoming light from the street and courtyards.

The interior design ethos was around the bonding of the interior space through the placement of a continuous piece and wooding paving, which would add warmth and quality to the bid. The design would expand throughout the entire property creating in each one of the spaces a sense of greater amplitude and clarity.

A profitable property for rental thanks to an ordered and attractive design that offers a welcoming image of the highest quality for the target tenant.






Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán


-- m²