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Renovation of the Círculos House

Interior design of a house overlooking the sea, in Moraira

Work commenced on a typical property found on the Alicante coastline, in which vernacular architectural reference points are used to build residential properties that are attractive for foreign residents, but which in many cases, are a mere stylistic exercise that fails to take advantage of the authentic values of this type of architecture.

En la reforma, para cumplir con los requerimientos del cliente, empleamos técnicas actuales para realizar aperturas y voladizos al sur y así conseguir espacios abiertos al exterior, conectado con la piscina y el mar, incluyendo estrategias para conseguir un control de la During the refurbishment process, to meet the client’s requirements, current techniques were used to create apertures and overhangs to the south and thus achieve spaces opening outwards, connecting the latter with the swimming pool and sea, including strategies to obtain control of solar radiation and light.In the same way, actions were performed on the rest of the plot and the gardened areas.

The result was a modern and luxurious property, that incorporates these interesting values of vernacular architecture, combining architecture and interior design that provide the details that display the client’s concern and tastes.




Moraira. Alicante


Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán


528 m²