Weiss Architecture Studio

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accuna Clinic

Fertility clinic in Alicante

The project aims to convert the irregular and angled geometry of the premises into a mood dominated by smooth and comforting lines that sort customers through the different rooms fluidly thus turning the space into a convivial and welcoming setting. A central isle that houses the reception area joins the main access and distribution areas, equipping them at the same time with the accessibility and privacy required by the clinic’s spaces away from the public eye.

The fundamental premise for the project’s construction was the completion of the works in a reduced timeframe, keeping costs to a minimum with regard to economic and energy resources, thus aiming to create the minimal number of residues possible. To achieve this, materials mostly from natural sources were used, these being put in place in a simple, swift and clean fashion, for example, partitioning walls and wooden cladding, cork and polycarbonates.

Furthermore, the use of wooden materials spreads even as far as the external image of the clinic’s façade, optimising constructive resources through centring the large part of the building work around this material, in addition, providing the façade with the natural and accommodating outlook that encapsulates the project.







Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, Enrique Soriano


304 m²


Ramasoman S.L.