Weiss Architecture Studio

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CTAA Library

Refurbishment in the CTAA building

The project consists of the relocation of the library of the Colegio de Arquitectos de Alicante on the ground floor of an old building attached to the College.

Conditioned by the speed of the work and the tight budget from architecture studio we decided to reduce the action proposal to a minimum.

We focused on the content, the reused shelves from the previous library. We provide them with a support, a concrete floor and white walls that do not touch the envelope and that provide the appropriate technical and environmental conditions. We leave the continent in the background, in the dark with minimal treatment.

The scenography is completed with lighting, flush with the height of the wall that surrounds the library while leaving the rest of the premises in backlight.

This theatrical treatment solves the technical and conditioning problems of the premises, acting only as essential, while the rest is solved in the most economical way possible.

The simplicity of the proposal place value on the seventeenth-century arches that appeared during the process of demolishing and cleaning the premises.






Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán


104 m²


Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Alicante