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Recicled House

Ecological House in Guadalest

This is a unique project owing to the conditions imposed from the outset, the refurbishment of a property immersed inside an immense and delightful garden, using the existing materials in place on the property, reusing materials discarded by the owner from other projects under its management, while sticking to a tight budget.

A living project that aims to dovetail a large number of different variables and at the same time create an ecological house, with a reduced level of energy consumption, using materials that leave the slightest ecological footprint possible.

The existing property did not reach the garden, therefore major openings were created to the south, allowing for the insertion of a network of pergolas and walkways that joined the house to the garden, with the least damage to the environment possible.

The residential property was designed to reuse the leftover materials gathered, the embrasures coincide with recovered glazing, the pergolas are made from wood from other projects, the vegetation covering uses land and plants from around the property, in the masonry walls, stone from terraces and retaining walls was taken advantage of.

With regard to interior design, all the furnishings are reused, with cross-laminated timber, leftover elements from another construction was taken to make beds and tables, the remainder of the pieces of broken stone serving for the bathrooms, with washbasins, sinks and toilets being reused.

This ecological house harnesses the sun’s energy in winter and is protected from the same in summer thanks to the pergolas populated with deciduous plant. The fireplaces utilise the firewood that the actual property produces to have the same when needed. Photovoltaic solar energy and spring water mean the house’s consumption levels are kept to a minimum.

Adapting to the construction and material techniques imposed upon the project as local conditioning factors allowed us to achieve a house design with technically advanced solutions whilst remaining in budget.




Castell de Guadalest, Alicante


Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán


150 m²