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Church-Cathedral Refurbishment

Refurbishment of the San Nicolás Co-Cathedral in Alicante

This project sees the culmination of an entire series of actions undertaken in the historic centre of Alicante, specifically located on the Co-Cathedral district, granted the status of Community Heritage Site (BIC). Concatedral, declarada bien de interés comunitario (BIC).

The service buildings have been modified on many occasions to tackle the needs that have arisen, but, in the most recent works undertaken in the last century, the overview of the zone was lost, resulting in a mismatched space that was unable to differentiate between the sections with heritage and historical value.

The project’s aims were to replace / remove the elements deemed unfit, the preservation and assessment of the elements of historical / architectural interest and endow them for new public uses, furnishing the building in this way with an image that bears testament to its public nature, thus showcasing the space.

In the development of the building, we were mindful of concepts of bioclimatic architecture to minimise energy consumption, seeking out a more sustainable design, adapting the technical construction and materials employed to the local conditioning factors, hereby accomplishing economic solutions at the same time. para minimizar el consumo de energía, buscando un diseño más sostenible, adaptado la técnica constructiva y la materialidad a los condicionantes locales consiguiendo al mismo tiempo soluciones económicas.

In this sense, the west-facing part comprises a ventilated façade to reduce solar gains, with the circulation spaces located in the coolest façades of the building, opening onto glazing that guides the light outwards, in this way reducing the need for artificial illumination.






Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, Carmen Pérez, Miriam Jareño


2.000 m²


Ayuntamiento de Alicante. Patronato de Vivienda