Weiss Architecture Studio

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eneseis’ projects strive to solve our clients' needs, making our extensive knowledge of the construction sectoravailable, both of a technical and administrative nature.

We provide smart solutions, streamlining processes and costs. Each project is a new challenge that requires solutions adapted to its specific reality.

The viability of projects is always present in all phases of our work process. Our aim is to build the projects according to the parameters agreed upon with our clients.


eneseis embarks upon all manner of urban planning and civil worksprojects, for the public sector administration and private clients, drafting general plans, partial plans, action programmes and even urban design and civil works projects.

More than 20 years working for public administrations endow the group the knowledge and experience to carry out these types of tenders with proven solvency.


Homes created perfectly whilst offering sustainability at competitive prices.

The construction of a house involves multiple actors and all individually provide essential value within an interlocking system. Our experience indicates that, in order to achieve the finest results, it is essential that everyone is part of the same team involved in a single common goal: customer satisfaction.