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Cohousing San Juan

Collaborative dwelling in Alicante

Cohousing came into being with the volition of three families for the construction of a collaborative house where they share synergies that generate their ways of understanding life. Three families with children of the same ages and parents who share hobbies and way of life.

The common way of understanding the relationship between private and public space and the economic and social benefits of sharing spaces are the basis of this co-housing project, shaping the model of coexistence in which common services are shared.


The search for the place was an important part of the process and one of the most difficult points when starting, since a series of requirements had to be met, such as: a consolidated plot, close to the urban area, schools and public transport, meaning that natural terrain is not altered and not depend on one's own vehicle.


The properties’ layout is determined by the small size of the plot and the desire to have the largest possible green area. The concept of co-housing benefits this, processes are optimised, there is less construction and common spaces reduce the need to triple the area privately in each home, since many activities are shared.



It is intended that the building take advantage of the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, with minimal energy consumption and respectful of the environment in its construction process. Passive strategies are taken into account, such as the search for it being southward facing to receive sunlight in winter and protect ourselves in summer.

The landscaped area on the plot takes on importance, minimising the action's impact. Furthermore, the building and vegetation are designed together to participate in all passive strategies for energy control.

The construction highlights the traditional craftsmanship in the area and the local economy, based on natural materials and produced in an ecological fashion.

There is a major social responsibility when implementing the project, where high-quality housing coexists with the spaces where activities are carried out jointly, shaping it according to their needs, promoting the socialisation and cooperation of its inhabitants, putting people in centre stage.




San Juan, Alicante


Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, David Moreno


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