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eneseis' architecture

eneseis is an Architecture and Urban Design studio located in Alicante that for more than 20 years has undertaken quality projects and works in all spheres of the profession: residential, hotel, commercial, staff, public works, planning, etc.

Since our inception, we have worked understanding and adapting to the needs of our clients, committed to quality processes, providing differentiating ideas and solid technical solutions.

In our working processes, we aim to identify all the elements that add value to the project. The analysis of all these variables and the way in which our projects are capable of incorporating them define our architectural proposals.

For us, each project is a new challengein which enthusiasm, drive, energy and the desire to learn and improve are essential.



​A privileged location, on the hillside of the Sierra de Bernia in Altea Hills, a mountainous area with astounding views over the bay, yet completely saturated with homes and a highly open programme of holiday dwellings, decisively conditioned the development of this project. Understanding clients' needs is the cornerstone of our work. We contribute our understanding of the natural, social, economic, political and natural environment and involve the client in the design and decision-making process. We provide differentiating ideas and solid technical solutions to successfully complete each project.



More than 1,000 projects carried out with involvement and dedication have allowed us to learn during each project, improving on a daily basis. This experience,, alongside the selection of the best industrialists, allows us to guarantee our clients the highest quality standards throughout the construction process.



Expert professionals in different areas of knowledge are involved in the different phases of the construction process, Expert professionals in different areas of knowledge are involved in the different phases of the construction process, which allows us to foresee any incident, constantly adding value to architectural projects. The involvement of all stakeholders comprising the team minimises any deviation in time and investment..



Over the years, through ongoing endeavours, we have selected and established a relationship with a wide network of professionals and companies in different areas that, together with first-rate knowledge of the processes of public administration and commercial procedures of the real estate market, allow us to embark upon large-scale and complex projects with guarantees of solvency.