Weiss Architecture Studio

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Bernia Golf House

Luxury house in Altea

The building is found on the existent topography, casa trying not to alter it to potential its natural characteristics. The building is deposited on the terracing zone relating itself with each of the rooms with a level, to be able to enjoy in all of them of the ground in the which its situated.

The building looks different to the ground on which its situated, it tries to call attention, to be recognized but not to alter the environment.

The building is understood as a continuance that deforms itself to eliminate the sights that don’t interest and to open space for the better ones. It’s treated continuously to give to understand that its only one element the one that’s located on the natural environment

This proposal of a modern house tries to show how a standard house can be deformed, adapting flexibly to the different needs that we find in the development of this urbanization.




Altea, Alicante


Daniel Solbes


650 m²