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Océano House

Luxury House in Alicante

​A privileged location, on the hillside of the Sierra de Bernia in Altea Hills, a mountainous area with astounding views over the bay, yet completely saturated with homes and a highly open programme of holiday dwellings, decisively conditioned the development of this project. Océano House is projected as a house with strong starting conditions typical of the plot, to the south the best orientation and views of the sea, we find a large wall, which is the dividing wall with the neighbor.

The project seeks to eliminate this party wall to have a direct relationship with the sea, avoid the presence of the neighboring house, maximizing views of the sea and the bay of Alicante.

On the ground floor there are public areas. Living room and kitchen-dining room have the best orientations and views, relating to the outside of the plot through large terraces. On the first floor are the private areas.

This distinction between public and private is literally transferred to the realization of the house. The ground floor finished in stone is related to the garden that is materialized with the same materials. The lightest first floor differs from the rest, a white and light finish, two different materials that give this unique aspect to this luxury house in Alicante.


En construcción




Daniel Solbes, José Luis Durán, Javier Yáñez


334 m²